In today's climate, I believe there is no greater time for peace all over the world.

I gave myself the nickname "Peace" in May of 1986 (where the 586 comes in) because I know how to weather a storm - at my core I'm just a calm, peaceful person. When I started tagging as a kid I gravitated toward the word "Peace" because I loved how I wrote the word and because I felt like it really WAS me. All my friends who know me personally know that this word fits my personality.

Going through the absolute darkest and toughest times of my life, I had to learn how to take steps back and tell myself, "Your name is PEACE" and it would remind me to relax, take a breath and just ride it out...

I'm hoping we can wear this word together and people can see it and think about sharing, expressing and being "Peace" in whatever season of life you're in.

No matter where you're at - city, state, or country, please join me in choosing to represent PEACE inwardly and outwardly! My hope is that we can shine a peaceful light together worldwide and maybe make a difference in this dark world.

Thanks so much for your support and for joining me in PEACE.

aka peace586

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